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Senior Section

Senior Section members are aged 14-25 years

Older girls and young women work on a programme called Look Wider, which is based on the principles and methods of guiding. It is designed to appeal to all young women and offers fun and flexibility to suit the individual. The programme is also linked to a variety of recognised qualifications or awards, both within and outside guiding.

Find a Senior Section unit near you

We currently have 16 Senior Section units in Cheshire Forest which are indicated on the map below. Click on a place maker for more information.

Please note that markers are only to indicate the rough area, not that actual location

View Senior Section Units in a larger map

Register for a place at Senior Section

If you would like to register someone for a place in a Senior Section unit, please vist this page on the Girlguiding UK website and register. This is the most efficient way to find a unit near you as we will match you with a local guiding coordinator who will be able to tell you about local groups and get you started.

The opportunities and challenges which it offers can be followed by a group or by individual members. The choice is made by the members themselves. The Look Wider Programme is based around eight programme areas known as Octants.

Senior Section members enjoying an Underground Adventure in Snowdonia