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Membership Systems Upgrade Information & Action Required

Thank you for all your hard work in ensuring that your Join Us and GO! records are as up to date as possible prior to the new membership system launch. We have over 1600 girls and 60 volunteers currently in Join Us in Cheshire Forest and we would very much like as many of them as possible to get involved with Girlguiding so anything you can do to help them get involved would be much appreciated. Please contact Sara, Janet or Alex if you require any support on any of our membership systems.

Please continue reading to get more information from CHQ covering the new GO system & the training site and what you need to do if you need your or someone’s DBS check/re-check


Join us – Girls Alex Newton Join us – Volunteers Alex Newton Sara Isles GO! and County GO Janet Grant DBS Checks –Janet Grant

GO Launch – “What we’ve got already but better”

On 22 June we let all volunteers and members of The Senior Section know that we are aiming to launch GO in August.


Not heard anything? Please check if you have unsubscribed!

Over 19,000 members did not receive this email due to various reasons, for example, clicking ‘unsubscribe’ on a previous Discover, Grow newsletter, or having a full mailbox. From this list we’ve corrected around 40 email addresses where possible (e.g. ones that have ‘ik’ instead of ‘uk’, or a space in front of ‘.com’). We’ve just contacted the 10,000 members who have unsubscribed from to let them know, and to inform them that at present they will not receive the information to log in when we launch GO.

What do you need to do? To re-subscribe to Girlguiding newsletters, please email with your membership number and let them know you’d like to re-subscribe. They’ll then start the process to make sure you’re receiving the mailings.


Do you share an email address?

We will also be contacting those volunteers who share an email account. If an email account is shared, we will only send one link to login and we will not be able to send any extras to the email account. Volunteers should have their own personal email account recorded, not only to ensure that that they receive their personal invitation link to sign up and login to GO, but also to help ensure that the handling of personal and/or sensitive communications relates directly to themselves.

What do you need to do?

Ensure your own personal email address is set up and you have updated your GO! Record