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To arrange a session for your Brownie, Guide or Senior Section unit, please email the

County 4 co-ordinator

Jen Lyons

Peer Educators

4 (peer education)

(Formerly known as in4mers)

The following changes have been made as of April 2013

  • 4 has a brand new logo! This logo has been modernised and now also includes the trefoil, to reinforce the fact that 4 is part of guiding. It has also replaced the words ‘4ward, 4self, 4others’, with 4you, as 4 is for everyone in Girlguiding over 7 years old.
  • Young women who are trained at 4 Basic Trainings are no longer called In4mers, but are now called Peer Educators. Please use the term Peer Educators in future! This is because people were getting confused with the jargon, so we are using common language.
  • When you are mentioning 4 in written text, also include the words ‘peer education’ to explain what 4 is: you can either say 4 (peer education), or 4, Girlguiding’s peer education programme.
  • Please note, 4 is a programme and no longer an initiative, as it’s on-going and not something new.

What is 4?

4 is an exciting peer education programme all about working ‘4you’. It’s about young people learning from other young people about issues that affect them. Learning from peers can be more effective than learning from adults.  Sessions are run on a wide range of relevant issues in today’s society.

Moss Edge Seniors during an 4 (Peer Education) session with a Guide group

What are Peer Educators?

Peer Educators are Senior Section members (aged between 14 and 25, including Leaders). They are trained peer educators who run fun and informative sessions for girls and women aged 7+, including groups of Senior Section and Leaders.

How do you become a Peer Educator?

You can become an 4 peer educator by attending a weekend basic training session where you gain all the skills you need.. Several of these trainings take place each year and are usually organised by CHQ or Region.

Then what?

Sessions are organised around you, and when they suit you best. Ideally, you are expected to facilitate a minimum of three sessions a year.

You learn so many skills including increased confidence and organisation skills, leadership
facilitation and self-motivation, to name a few. It is a valuable role and will look great on any CV or UCAS form, as well as counting towards the Queen’s Guide Award, and the Senior Section Look Wider programme.

Arrange a session for your Brownie, Guide or Senior Section group

What kind of sessions?
Sessions can be tailored to your units needs, but could cover topic such as:

> Binge Drinking
> Bullying
> Bullying & Self-esteem
> Child Abuse
> Conservation
> Disability Awareness
> Eating Disorders
> Eating Disorders & Self-esteem
> Healthy Eating
> Healthy Relationships
> Homelessness
> Learning Disabilities
> Media
> Mental Health
> Poverty and World Development
> Refugees
> Rights and Responsibilities
> Self-esteem
> Self Help
> Smoking
> Stress
> Communication &Presentation
> Decision Making
> Teamwork & Leadership
> Planning & Flexibility

To arrange a session for your Brownie, Guide or Senior  Section unit, please email: