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Outdoor qualifications

Find out about the qualifications required to lead Girlguiding UK members in a range of adventurous activities

Climbing trainingClimbing

There are several different qualifications that will allow you to take members of Girlguiding UK climbing.
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Archery trainingArchery

Find out about what qualifications are required to lead Archery sessions.
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BCU trainingCanoeing / Kayaking

Find out more about paddlesport qualifications and training. Find out more

Sailing trainingSailing

Find out more about qualifications and training applicable to sailing, yachting and dinghies. Find out more

Walking trainingWalking

The qualification required for taking members out walking depends on the countryside classification.
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Duke of Edinburgh

Find out more about the various qualifications available to support participants in completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award, from becoming a DofE administator to leading expeditions. Find out more