We Discover. We Grow.

Rainbows are aged 5-7 years

Rainbow meetings are full of games and activities which provide challenging opportunities for the girls to think for themselves and take an active part in unit decision-making. Everything a Rainbow does helps her to grow – it’s an opportunity to look, learn, laugh and love.
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Brownies are aged 7-10 years

Brownies take part in indoor and outdoor activities that encourage them to do their best. Their meetings are action-packed and full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves.
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Guides are aged 10-14 years

Being a Guide is all about learning new skills, making new friends and helping others. Each Guide is encouraged to achieve her own personal goals through a progressive programme with the opportunity to work for a wide variety of badges. This allows each girl to mature and develop at her own pace.
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Senior Section members are aged 14-25 years

Older girls and young women work on a programme called Look Wider, which is based on the principles and methods of guiding. It is designed to appeal to all young women and offers fun and flexibility to suit the individual. The programme is also linked to a variety of recognised qualifications or awards, both within and outside guiding.
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