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Chamboree 2022 Registration

May 11, 2021

Chamboree is our local international camp for Scouts and Guides age 10-17, located at the Cheshire Showground. Over 5,000 Scouts and Guides will come from Cheshire, the UK and all over the world for a week of fun and adventure, 30th July – 6th August 2022.


Registration is now open at http://www.chamboree.org.uk/bookings/ and there is a discount for those registering before December 2021. Leaders or Rangers age 16+ who want to attend as IST can follow the same link for more information.


Cheshire Forest is trialling a ‘matchmaking’ service to help match units and leaders in need of some support. If you’re interested, please contact Tory at tory@cheshireforest.org.uk with ‘CHAMBOREE’ and your unit name in the subject line. We aim to be able to help with:

  • Units looking to be paired with another unit
  • Units looking for extra leaders to help with ratios etc.
  • Leaders of units who aren’t going but want to attend as individuals to help other units



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