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Guiding during Covid: 1st Croft Guides and Rangers

August 10, 2020

Article written by Leader: Jen Lyons

Lockdown and a pandemic hasn’t stopped us at 1st Croft Guides and 1st Croft Rangers from meeting weekly and trying to achieve as best we can! We meet once a week for Guides via Zoom and once a month for rangers. For our unit we were fortunate enough we had applied for the Co-op’s community funding last year. They decided due to Covid-19 to give all groups an early payment in April this has left us financially stable to pay for zoom, badges, certificates while being able to cancel subs payments while allowing Guides and Rangers to still attend meetings.

Whilst no one could imagine this ever being a situation we would encounter we have decided to just embrace it and make the most out of a difficult situation. So what have we done? We have learnt taps in sign language that we use at the end of each meeting, because singing on Zoom doesn’t work with the time delays!

At the start of lockdown we received a pack in the post with instructions on how to make popcorn from scratch in time for a film night, some girls took the challenge a step further and made their popcorn over campfire!

We have played “Guiding fortunes” where we dressed to impress in our best attired for a television game show.

Guiding Fortunes

We have made chocolate mug cakes together even enjoyed a film night!

We have had a promise ceremony over zoom (Soon to be two!) and had interest badges awarded too.

So what have the girls said have been their highlights? Numerous scavenger hunts! Even one where we had to spell out 1st Croft Guides with our items, making chocolate mug cakes together and learning the phonetic alphabet. For our first week we were lucky enough to welcome back one of our Guides who had moved back home to America last summer, which I suppose is a perk of digital meetings as she was able to join us from across the pond!

We enjoyed playing the price is right where we had to guess the price of household items then we had £1000 to buy essential items for a new apartment. Lots of debate as to what counts as essential…..do we really need knives and forks? We enjoyed film night together watching a Mary Kate and Ashley Classic! Which was a nice break before half term.

Within all of this we have managed enough work to complete Reflect stage 4, Communicate stage 3 & half of stage 4, half of feel good stage 4 and bits of other skills builders that we have fancied trying.
The rangers have complete Network stage 5 and have been working on a few different UMAs to get a feeling of the new programme.

Quite a few of our girls enjoyed Girlguiding’s adventures at home day festival and took part in various activities they particularly liked the animation session.

We have collectively clapped for carers.

We had a dragon drawing competition for St George’s day. We have had a baking competition where I was only sad I couldn’t try the baked goods as they looked incredible!

We have set weekly tasks like learn to make an origami water balloon as they are more environmentally friendly. We made salt dough tealight holders to hold our Guiding lights every Sunday with Girl Guides around the UK.

The girls have been encouraged to work on badges during lockdown to use the free time well that we don’t always have and below are just a small selection of what the girls have been up to:

Upcycling badge

Craftivism badge



Upcyling t-shirts while sending a positive message out into the world for part of our skills builder badge.

More Upcyling

It’s been a strange few months and we’re not finished yet, but despite this the girls have all shown true Guiding spirit taking on any challenge thrown at them during a really difficult time. Their enthusiasm and continued hard work just shows how much they enjoy Guiding and this is shown by all the awards and achievements they will be coming out with at the end of this school year.

We upload all of our adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @croftguides @croftrangers if you wish to follow along with everything we get up to.

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