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Subscriptions 2019

November 14, 2018

How much are Subscriptions in 2019

Subscriptions are £30.80 per person. Districts and Divisions may add their own portion on top of that which will be reflected in your invoice on GO. Please check with your District / Divison Commissioner.

In preparation for Subscriptions 2019

  • Unit Leaders check on a regular basis that you have the correct Young Members in your Unit Subscriptions due report and notify your Commissioner if any volunteer roles are not included
  • Noon, Monday 19 November 2018 – district, division, county are able to enter their levy amounts into our subscriptions system and must check their bank details are correct.
  • Noon, Friday 18 January 2019 – levy details can no longer be added to the subscription system.

When the process begins

  • Noon, 29 January 2019 – trial invoices are available to view and download on the Subscription system. Changes should be made on GO.
  • 12 February – reminder if you have not viewed your trial invoice by this date.
  • 7pm, 25 February – no more changes can be made to trial invoices. GO and the Subscription system will be unavailable.
  • Noon, 26 February – GO will be available after the normal Tuesday downtime.
  • Noon, 26 February – official and payable invoices will be available to download from the Subscription system. Follow the steps on your invoice to send your payment.
  • 12 March – reminder if we have not received your official invoice payment by this date.
  • Noon, 1 April – all subscriptions payments must be received in full by this date.

Guiding History (This service will stop at the end of November so I will need it no later than 23rd November 2018)

If your history on GO is incorrect then please email me with your missing roles I will need:

  • Your name
  • Your membership number
  • Role held:
  • Name of unit/district/division:
  • Level number:
  • Date from:
  • Date to:


Please keep track of your volunteers and their DBS recheck dates. This needs to be completed as soon as possible as existing volunteers are only given a certain time to have their recheck done or else their membership will be withdrawn. They are given 4 months to get it done and email prompts are sent. Any problems please get in touch with goqueries@cheshireforest.org.uk and I will do my best to help you.

Janet Grant

Understand more about the funds that help to run Girlguiding locally and nationally, how they’re collected – and your role in the process

Money that supports local and national guiding

At Girlguiding, the terms ‘subs’ and ‘annual subscription’ usually refer to two different things.

Every year, Girlguiding collects an annual subscription – historically referred to as ‘census’ – to run our charity at a national level. Countries and regions, counties, districts and divisions will add an additional fee to this – called a ‘levy’ – to support guiding in their local area. This annual subscription is paid by both volunteers and girls.

Alongside this, local units collect ‘subs’ from young members – often on a weekly, monthly or termly basis. Unit subs pay for running costs – including buying resources – or for events and activities. The unit might choose to collect funds to cover the annual subscriptions in these regular subs too, or they might just ask parents for a one-off payment each year.

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