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County Commissioner

Karen Forster
Assistant County Commissioner

Chair of Guiding Development

Chair of Pettypool

Sue Lomas
Pettypool Manager

Sheila Evans
Chair of Finance

John Perry
1st Response Co-ordinator

Steph Kemp
Baden Powell Challenge Co-ordinator

Alison Harper
Badge Secretary

Barbara MacPherson
Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Express Rep

Lauren Marnell
International Adviser

Jess Burke
Join Us Co-ordinator

Alex Newton
Leadership Co-ordinator

Judy Gardiner
Membership Co-ordinator

Janet Grant
Programme Co-ordinator

Mandy Wood
Queen’s Guide Co-ordinator

Alison Harper
Safeguarding Adviser

Karen Forster
Training Co-ordinator

Marina Dancy
Senior Section Co-ordinator

Alyson Wright & Lauren Marnell
Growing Guiding Co-ordinator


Gary Smith
PR Adviser

Sam Yarwood
Web Team

Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator

Position vacant
Outdoor Residential Adviser (Camps)

Position vacant
Indoor Residential Adviser (Indoor residentials / holidays)

Position vacant
Walking Adviser

Position vacant
Water Adviser

Position vacant
Event enquiries

Forest news submissions

News for the website

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