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The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award attainable by a member of Girlguiding UK and is open to members aged 16-26 years

Getting started and Registration

Before undertaking any element of the award you will need to:

  • Read through the Download Queen’s Guide Award Resource (PDF)
  • Find someone who will be your mentor (this should be someone who is able to support you through the different elements of the award)
  • Have an initial meeting with your mentor to outline a plan of when different elements of the award will be completed
  • Complete the County Queen’s Guide Registration form
  • If you know that during a certain period of time you are going to be unable to work towards the award, you can agree to have a ‘planned break’ of up to 12 month
  • The award must be completed within 3 years of your start date or before your 26thbirthday whichever is the sooner

Recording progress

  • Buy a Queen’s Guide Record Book, Product Code: 6109
  • Don’t forget to get your record book signed each time you finish a challenge. Each project or event can be used only once for an element of your award.
  • Ensure you make your Promise before the end of your second year (if you haven’t done so already)

Completing the award

Once you’ve finished all the elements, complete your record book and contact your County Queen’s Guide Coordinator

County Queen’s Guide Co-ordinator

Email: queensguides@cheshireforest.org.uk

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