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1st Response is Girlguiding’s own first aid course

It will train you to provide first aid to members in emergencies – in or outside of your unit meeting place. The course was created specifically for members of Girlguiding and The Scout Association.

What will I learn?

  • Gain simple life-saving first aid skills that are relevant to your role.
  • Develop the confidence and skills required to cope with emergency and first aid situations.
  • Understand how to manage these emergencies.

See the full 1st Response syllabus checklist for details of everything the course covers.

This training covers all types of activities in guiding, including residential events.

Who should take this course?

Everyone in a volunteer role with us is encouraged to complete 1st Response training. It is especially useful for Commissioners, Leaders, Young Leaders, Unit Helpers and Unit Occasional Helpers. Members of The Senior Section can also choose to do the course as part of their personal development.

The following members are required to attend the training:

  • those completing the Leadership Qualification without a valid equivalent first aid qualification (see exemptions below)
  • Commissioners.

One person in every Unit Leadership team must have a valid first aid qualification. Find out more about requirements for named first aiders in your unit.


If you are a qualified Leader and hold a current 1st Aid certificate, are a MD, RGN or Paramedic – you are exempt from 1st response trainings. HOWEVER, this needs to be recorded on County ‘GO’.

To do this please forward a copy of your current 1st aid certificate or BLS & AED or ILS/ALS & manual defibrillator certificates plus evidence of paediatric BLS, choking and anaphylaxis knowledge to Steph Kemp for verification.

Please either email a scan, or post a copy to me. This also needs to be updated every 3 years and verified by Steph Kemp, RGN – County 1st Response Co-ordinator, Trainer & Assessor.

Please note that parents, Unit helpers and Young Leaders with 1st aid cannot be counted as the 1st aid cover for your Unit. It must be a qualified Leader or Leader in training.


The ‘Information and Consent form’, ‘Health form, ‘General health care’ plans and ‘Accident/Incident’ forms can be found on the Girlguiding website.

County 1st Response Co-ordinator

Email: firstresponse@cheshireforest.org.uk

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