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Our safeguarding training ensures that volunteers offer girls a safe space where they can have fun, learn and grow

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Because we know that when girls feel safe, they feel brave enough to do things they never thought they could. That’s why we’ve updated our A Safe Space training.

The training will help you:

  • Understand your role in safeguarding and what to do
  • Recognise potential safeguarding issues
  • Understand our safety and safeguarding policies
  • Chat to others about what to do
  • Answer your questions

There are four levels of training.

Important Information

As you are aware, we all need to have the correct ‘A Safe Space’ level by the end of Dec 2020 and be correctly recorded on ‘GO’!  This is extremely important and units who do not have a Level 3 leader will be closed.

If you need level 3 + 4 please apply for a course asap by looking in the North West OR North East Girlguiding website for upcoming online courses.  This may be your last opportunity as there may be no more courses after 8th December, so please ensure you are completed before then.

If you do not have the correct level of ‘A Safe Space’ by this date then on the 1st January 2021 you will be removed from ‘GO’ and you will not be able to attend meetings (virtually or F2F) and you will not be able to re-apply until 2024.  So, please make sure that you all have the correct ‘A Safe Space’ level, including all Young Leaders and Unit helpers/Unit Residential helpers.

NB: Please ensure that email address you use when completing your trainings is the same as on GO, and that everyone in your unit, including Unit Helpers and Young leaders’ emails are correct. Otherwise the record of completion will not be recorded on ‘GO’.

A Safe Space training

A Safe Space, Level 1 – An introduction

For all volunteers including occasional helpers, GO coordinators, home contacts, peer educators and young leaders.

People visiting units more than once should also complete the Level 1 ‘A Safe Space’ training.  As we cannot log or enforce this training until someone is a registered volunteer on GO there is no need to ask for proof of completion.

People visiting a unit once do not need to be asked to complete the Level 1 ‘A Safe Space’ training but if returning,  please do ensure they are aware of the importance of understanding of implementing our safeguarding practice.

https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/learning-and-development/a-safe-space-training/a-safe-space-level-1–an-introduction/ or virtually on http://girlguidingnwe.eventbrite.com/

A Safe Space, Level 2 – Creating a safe space

For leaders, assistant leaders, unit helpers, leaders in training, young leaders, peer educators, those attending residential events and those that need level 3 and 4.

https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/learning-and-development/a-safe-space-training/a-safe-space-level-2–creating-a-safe-space/ or virtually on http://girlguidingnwe.eventbrite.com/

A Safe Space, Level 3 – Recognising, telling and taking action

For anyone leading a team of adults, at least one leader per unit (leader, assistant leader, leader in training), mentors, advisers, coordinators (except GO coordinators), licence holders on residentials, trainers, tutors and those doing level 4.

Part one online – https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/learning-and-development/a-safe-space-training/a-safe-space-level-3–recognising-telling-and-taking-action/

Part Two: online to register for this training you need to have completed ASS level 1,2 and part 1 level 3

Then you can register via CHQ – to see these courses, log on to GO and at the top you should see Learning Opportunities. You may have to scroll through to find the course and then register to go on the course. Headquarters will then send you an email to say you are successful and send you the details of how to log on to complete the course. The course will also show up on ‘My Events’ (click on your name where you would usually log off) and the menu will be there or NWE Region: http://girlguidingnwe.eventbrite.com/

A Safe Space, Level 4 – Managing concerns, allegations and disclosures

For all commissioners, designates, deputies and those sharing a role, trainers delivering ‘A Safe Space’ Level 4, safeguarding leads and ‘A Safe Space’ advisers. There may be volunteers in other roles that may find this useful, for example, contingent management/support teams leading a national contingent to international events.

Level 4 resources are available to all trainers and those attending the Level 4 training.

These training are on the North West Region website: http://girlguidingnwe.eventbrite.com/

For level 3 and 4 on-line training are also available on other Region websites, so please check those as well

e.g. https://girlguidingnortheast.org.uk/events/

County Training Co-ordinator

Email: training@cheshireforest.org.uk

By December 2020 everyone needs to have the correct level of A Safe Space training for their role.

Upcoming Safe Space Trainings

21sepAll DayA Safe Space Levels 1 & 2

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