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Learn how to plan trips and ensure the safety of your girls away from home

By completing the Going Away With Scheme, you will learn all about the practical elements of planning a residential – from health and safety to maintaining camping equipment.
You need to have the relevant Going Away With modules for the residential you’re planning.

All residentials require you to have the Going Away With Licence (Modules 1 to 4) – and you’ll need additional modules if you plan on going away for two nights or more and are responsible for:

  • catering (Module 5)
  • running programme (Module 6)
  • maintaining facilities (Module 7) or camping equipment (Module 8)

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Travelling Abroad Module

If you’re planning to take your girls abroad, you will need to complete, or be working towards, module 9.

Travel Insurance
What to consider when you’re getting travel insurance for a trip abroad with guiding

Documents for travel
Taking your girls away to an event? Going on an international adventure? Here are the documents you’ll need

Emergency planning
Emergency planning guidance for International trips. This good practice guidance is intended to support Leaders taking groups abroad with Girlguiding.

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