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Top Tips for Growing Guiding in Cheshire Forest

There are plenty of new girls wanting to join Girlguiding in Cheshire Forest, however, long waiting lists means we need more leaders.

To ensure Girlguiding continues into the next generation, there needs to be a plan to recruit new volunteers, who will be well trained. Below are some ready made resources to support your recuitment plans.

Please let us know about your successes and if have any more ideas for resources.

Cheshire Forest Growing Guiding Toolkit

Free Recruitment leaflets

Bespoke Girl and Adult Recruitment Leaflets for your Unit

Schools & Colleges


National Organisations


Local Businesses

More ideas to help you recruit and retain more members

Girlguiding want to ensure that we reach as many girls as possible – and that they are supported by a strong network of talented and enthusiastic Leaders and volunteers. Here you’ll find practical advice on recruiting more young and adult members, and guidance on promoting the benefits and successes of our organisation.

Recruiting and retaining volunteers

By working around your volunteers and the skills they have to offer, you’ll strengthen leadership in your area and be able to welcome more adults into guiding. Thanks and recognition also play a key part in keeping volunteers engaged. Learn more about how you can expand and improve your local team. Find out more >

Recruiting and Retaining girls

There are countless ways to recruit and retain more young members, and it doesn’t matter where you are or what budget you’re working with. From making small changes within your unit to running school taster sessions, growing guiding is all about being fun and flexible – and girls in your unit can help out too! Find out more >

Promoting Guiding

Shout about the amazing things your unit does every week. As a Girlguiding volunteer, you support girls to learn new skills, have incredible adventures, make friends and speak out about the issues they care about. We’re here to help you tell other members and the wider world about your work, through the media, the internet and events – so together we can empower and inspire even more girls and young women. Find out more >

Recruitment & Growth Toolkit

Invite girls and volunteers to join Girlguiding. Ideas tips and resources to help you create a growing, thriving guiding community in your area. So every girl you know – and the volunteers you’re yet to meet – have the chance to come on adventures with us. Find out more >

Lead in to Guiding

A new way to find and inspire young volunteers to get involved with Girlguiding. Get to know the ‘Lead into guiding’ resource. This resource pack has been put together to help you recruit young people into guiding as volunteers and potential Leaders. Find out more >

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