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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Queen’s Guide award

March 18, 2020

Are you mentoring a Queen’s Guide award candidate?

Due to all Girlguiding unit meetings, events, trips and camps being temporarily suspended, this obviously has an effect on those working to complete their Queen’s Guide award. As this is a circumstance out of everyone’s control, we’ve asked all county Queen’s Guide award coordinators to grant extensions to candidates who need them. This might mean they would be completing after their three year time period or 26th birthday, and this is fine.

We understand at this time it’s difficult to know when extension would need to be granted until as things are changing so quickly, so we’re advising that they ‘pause’ those elements that are affected, and once Girlguiding activity does resume, the coordinator, candidate and mentor can decide a suitable, extended completion date.

This pause doesn’t affect or count as part of the 12 month break. Candidates can take this separately should they wish or need to. For those currently on a break from the award, they may also need extensions once they do resume their award, depending on the current situation at the time. Coordinators can also grant extensions to them if needed.

In the meantime, there are parts of the award candidates can continue to work on. Here are some suggestions:

  • Service in Guiding element one: remote volunteering doing unit administration, social media, programme recording etc.
  • Outdoor challenge: planning menus, aims, routes or research for trips ready for when they can go on them.
  • Personal skill development: depending on what they’ve picked, they might be able to do this at home eg cooking, coding etc.
  • Community Action: contacting a charity/community organisation to see if they can help remotely and continuing their research project.

We’ve also sent communications to coordinators and candidates letting them know about these measures.

Queries: programme@girlguiding.org.uk

Source: Girlguiding eNewsletter

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