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County Peer Education Co-Ordinator 

June 15, 2021


Length of appointment: 3 years 

Responsible to: Adventure and Challenge  

Responsible for: Recruitment and support of Peer Educators in the county, and coordination of enquiries from Unit Leaders.   


Key Activities:  

  • Advertise and promote Peer Education to potential Peer Educators.  
  • Be enthusiastic and encouraging to young women taking on Peer Educator roles; give administrative and practical support as well as help with any issues.  
  • Ensure that there are sufficient training opportunities available, and encourage participation  
  • Promote local, regional, national and international opportunities available within guiding as well as externally, and encourage young members to take part.  
  • Raise awareness of 4 (peer education) throughout the county, to promote trainings, topics and sessions.  
  • Develop clear lines of communication with: 
  • Peer Educators, providing support and encouragement in their role as well as signposting them to resources and trainings 
  • Local commissioners and advisors 
  • Local leaders 
  • Support Peer Educators to provide a safe space where girls and young women can discover their full potential through all areas of the programme.  
  • Gather feedback on the effectiveness of sessions, monitor whether peer education is put into practice, and use the Learning to Lead resource. 


Benefits to you:  

  • Queen’s Guide Award, Service in Guiding Module 4 Opportunity  
  • Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering section  
  • Employability Skills  
  • Leadership Experience  
  • Build Confidence 



Skills  Essential  Desirable 
Ability to lead and coordinate teams    ✔️ 
Ability to communicate clearly   ✔️   
Be computer literate (including email, zoom and online file sharing)   ✔️   
Able to work well in meetings    ✔️ 
Able to chair meetings     ✔️ 
Excellent facilitation skills     ✔️ 
Excellent mentoring skills  ✔️   
Ability to work and engage with people aged 14-25  ✔️   
Ability to work and engage with adult members  ✔️   
Ability to speak or present publicly     ✔️ 
Ability to be persuasive    ✔️ 
Ability to accept and positively respond to responsibility   ✔️   
Knowledge and Experience     
Attended County events (Chamboree, Splash Days, Father Christmas at Pettypool, etc.)     ✔️ 
Experience of the Peer Education programme    ✔️ 
Desire to promote County events and willingness to contribute to the shaping of County events  ✔️   
Be self-motivated and be able to motivate others positively   ✔️   
Have time available, amongst other commitments to commit to the workload   ✔️   
Be in a position to travel within the County as required     ✔️ 
A willingness to promote the agreed, viewpoints rather than perpetuate personal views   ✔️   


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