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Carol Thorley was a great promoter of camping and outdoor activities in Cheshire Forest

What is the Carol Thorley Trophy weekend?

The Carol Thorley Trophy weekend takes place every year and is an opportunity for Guides from all over the County to compete against other patrols to put on the best Permit Camp.

This annual competition is held in her memory. It is open to girls who have already gained their Guide Camp Permit or for those who would like to be assessed during the weekend for their Permit. Gaining or using their Camp Permit provides the girls with a fabulous opportunity to start taking more responsibility for organising themselves at camp.

What does the camp permit involve?

The camp permit comprises of 8 modules:

  • Module 1: Plan a residential event
  • Module 2: Plan the camp – (includes looking after money, deciding what equipment is required and completing the necessary forms)
  • Module 3: Plan to be safe – (planning for emergencies and agreeing guidelines with the patrol)  
  • Module 4: Planning food and how they will cook it – (considering storage facilities, menus and food hygiene)
  • Module 5: Making health and first aid arrangements (organising and knowing how to use a first aid kit etc)
  • Module 6: Finding the activity equipment they need (organising and knowing how to use the equipment)
  • Module 7: Organising the care and maintenance of campsite facilities (looking after tents and personal equipment, setting up and striking camp)
  • Module 8: With their Patrol, plan and carry out their programme of activities

Undertaking the Guide Camp Permit

  • A Guide must be be at least 13 years old
  • They must have already gained their Camper Advanced Badge
  • They can take a max. of 3 Guides and a min. of 5 Guides (at least one Guide must have previous Guide camp experience)
  • If there are at least two Guides with previous camp experience, a max. of 7 Guides can attend
  • Guides must also be members of the same unit
  • Their unit Guide Leaders must also agree they are ready to take on this opportunity
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